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Walk In Clinic

The Johnson Dermatology Walk-in Clinic gives our patients timely access to care in the face of lengthening wait times for our regular appointments.



The Walk-in Clinic will occur on most Thursdays starting at 8:00 AM.


A limited number of patients will be seen on a first come first served basis.

During the walk-in clinic we will be able to address only one or two patient concerns. For example, we can check a spot or two to see if it is skin cancer, or we can try to help with a new rash. If you need more attention, we may ask you to return for a regular appointment. The walk-in appointment will be brief, and the health care provider will likely spend only a short time with each patient.


Feel free to call our clinic to make sure we are having walk-in clinic that week.

Please ask our clinic staff if you have questions, or call our office at 479-649-3376 to request your appointment. You may also request an appointment online.

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