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Patient Portal FAQs

I am trying to set up my Patient Portal. What is my PIN?


There is an issue with the PIN at this time. System administrators are working to fix the issue. Until such time, you can register by following the green box in the email “Online Portal Account Created.”

I didn’t get the “Online Portal Account Created” email.


Do we have your email address? Is it correct? If yes, then check your spam/junk folder. Depending on your email’s filter settings, it could have ended up there. Also, the message may not have been sent to you or may have been auto-deleted from your email because it was sent so long ago. If this is the case, you can click the “Reset Password and Login” on our website. It will send the log in creation to you again.

I am trying to attach a picture to a message I was sent, but it won’t let me. How can I send a picture?


If you are trying to reply to a message, it will not let you add an attachment. You must compose a new message.

I am trying to view an image I was sent, but it doesn’t open when I click on it.


Documents and images automatically download onto your device when you try to open them. To view them, you must open from your download folder and view from there.

Can my spouse and I have the same Portal?


Yes! It just needs to have the same email address in your charts, and you need to be on each other’s Authorization to Release Health Information.

Do I have to have the same Portal as my spouse?


No. If you want your health information and documents to be accessible to only you, we just need a unique email address that no one else is using for their Portal Account.

Can I have my children on the same Portal?


Yes! It just needs to have the same email address on every chart.

Can I check my appointment time from the Portal?


At this time, no. However, you can send us a message with the subject line “Appointment Reminder,” and we can remind you!

Can I make a payment from my Portal?


At this time, no. However, you can make a payment from our secure website by clicking here.

I need additional help with my Portal. Who can I talk to?


It is easiest to send a message from the portal with the subject line “Portal Help – Ariel”. If you do need additional assistance, send us an email that includes your name, date of birth, email associated with your portal and your chart, and the issue that you are having to ariel@johnsondermatology.com

How do I login to my Portal?


Click here to be redirected to your portal sign in screen.

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