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Laser Therapy

Body Contouring Treatments


Have you dieted and exercised and still cannot get rid of your belly fat or love handles?  We have two different devices to target and eliminate the stubborn fat that is resistant to diet and exercise. 


The UltraShape® is painless and non-invasive with no visible signs of treatment.  It targets fat cells by using pulse focused ultrasound.  UltraShape® permanently destroys fat cells so the effects are long lasting.  It can help you lose up to a dress size. Learn more here. 


The VelaShapeIII® (more powerful than the original VelaShape®) uses focused RF (radio-frequency) energy.  It improves the appearance of cellulite, reduces the circumference around the abdomen and thigh while enhancing the tone and quality of the skin.  Both devices require multiple treatments.  Learn more here. 


Johnson Dermatology is the only provider in the River Valley that has the UltraShape® POWER, which is the only device approved to permanently dissolve 32% of the area treated.


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Laser Hair Reduction


If you want to get rid of unwanted hair, we have 2 different lasers to help you.  The Gentle YAG is safe and effective for all shades of skin from very white to very black as long as the hair is dark.  The Motif allows large areas of skin with hair to be treated with minimal discomfort.  Multiple treatments are needed.

Sublative Treatments


Sublative treatments improve your overall skin tone and texture better than creams or peels with little downtime.  It is not really a laser since it uses radiofrequency(RF).  The RF energy is precisely directed to the skin in the form of a matrix. Healthy skin around the dots accelerates the healing process of the skin.


Post treatment, new collagen and healthy skin cells are produced. Mild to moderate wrinkles and superficial skin discolorations are reduced. The texture of your skin becomes more smooth and elastic.  Since it is your own collagen being produced, the results are more permanent or long lasting. 


This technology has been shown to effectively treat mild to moderate wrinkles, red and brown spots, and textural irregularities. This is truly the next generation of safe and effective rejuvenation technology.


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ATV Laser


Tattoo Removal


Have you grown tired of that tattoo?  We can help erase the past with the AlexTriVantage® (ATV).  The ATV is renowned for its superior ability to treat greens, blues and black.  It is actually 3 lasers in one allowing treatment of multiple colors in one treatment.  Multiple treatments are needed.


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Pulse Dye Laser (PDL)


If you suffer with red discoloration on your face, Rosacea, Acne Scars and Veins  then the PDL may be life changing for you as it has been for many of our patients.


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Our Experienced Team


We are experienced in lasers and want you to have the best laser experience from our trained team under the supervision of Dr. Sandy.  Dr. Sandy has worked closely with many national laser experts and has taken and continues to take laser courses. She has served on the laser safety committee of the Arkansas State Medical Board.
In the state of Arkansas, lasers are considered medical devices and must be under the direct supervision of a trained physician according to regulation number 22 Laser Surgery Guidelines.
Laser treatments are performed by Dr. Sandy or by her personally trained and supervised laser technicians. Some of our indications for laser include:

  • Psoriasis

  • Aging Skin

  • Stretch Marks

  • Excess Hair

  • Acne

  • Acne scars

  • Keloids and other scar

  • Brown spots

  • Unwanted tattoos

  • Rosacea

  • Red spots

  • Birthmarks

  • Loose saggy skin

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