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Cellulite & Sagging Skin

Why do I have cellulite?


Cellulite is that dimpled looking skin that affects 85-90% of women.  It is due to genetics and hormones.  It is due to a tug of war between thick collagen bands pulling down the skin and fat cells pushing up the skin. 


Why do I have loose sagging skin?


Cellulite appears as dimples in the buttocks and legs (usually in women).  Loose sagging skin appears as wavy skin 


How can I get tight firm skin? How can I get treat cellulite or loose sagging skin? 


At Johnson Dermatology, we understand that cellulite is not our fault and we do not like it either so we offer multiple treatment options to minimize cellulite and loose skin any where on the body.  As Dermatologists, we understand skin and how to maximize the appearance of our skin. 

  • Qwo is the only FDA injection for the treatment of moderate to severe cellulite in the buttocks of adult women. Qwo enzymatically subcises and destroys the collagen bands that pull down the skin.   Three treatments are needed spaced 21 days apart with final evaluation 21 days after the third treatment.  Photos will be taken before each treatment and at 21 days after the third treatment.  We are the first to offer Qwo in the River Valley.
  • Subcision is when we mechanically break up the collagen bands.  This is most effective when there are only a few large dimples.
  • Velashape is FDA approved radiofrequency energy device that improves the cellulite, circumference and contour of the treated area.  This can be used for cellulite and loose skin.  We are the first to offer VelaShape in the River Valley.  We have been thrilled with the results since 2017.
  • Laser skin tightening can be used to tighten the skin.  This is most effective on the lower abdomen and above the knees.  We have been personally and professionally thrilled with the results of YAG laser tightening since 2006.
  • Sculptra is injected to improve the appearance of loss of collagen and volume.  It can be injected to improve the appearance of loose skin and cellulite.  We also inject it to prevent the #soggybottom We are one of the first to offer Sculptra in the River Valley.  We have been thrilled with the results of Sculptra since 2009.
  • At home Alastin application. This product has a TriHex Technology to produce new elastin and collagen for firmer and smoother skin. This also designed specifically for body sculpting procedures. It helps accelerate our natural ability to break down the fat cells quicker. This will help with skin tightening results more visible. It results in firmer, smoother skin. 

Before & After Results



ALASTIN Skincare®

TransFORM with Body Sculpting Procedure
  • Accelerated Volume Reduction on the TransFORM Body Treatment side in conjunction with the procedure.
  • Female, Age 60
  • Regimen: Patient received 6 radio frequency procedures on both sides of the abdomen and followed-up treatment with a split abdomen regimen that included applying TransFORM Body Treatment twice daily on one side and no topical treatment on the subject's other side (only the procedure).
  • Timeframe: 8 weeks post-body sculpting procedure
  • Intensity of color indicates amount of volume reduction.
  • Photographs are un-retouched. Individual results may vary.
  • Photos courtesy of Amir Moradi, MD.



ALASTIN Skincare®

TransFORM Used Daily
  • 63% reduction in crepiness when used as a daily skincare treatment (no procedure).
  • Female, Age 61
  • Regimen: Patient treated both arms with TransFORM Body Treatment twice daily and no procedure was performed.
  • Timeframe: 8 weeks 
  • Photographs are unretouched. Individual results may vary. 




Two Laser Tightening Treatments






Two Laser Tightening Treatments





Velashape® III

Before & After Treatments
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